The reason I wanted to write this post is because last week I went for a 10km run and felt terrible. I thought I was just having a bad day but it was worse than that. I felt sluggish and weak, it was like a hypo but I knew it wasn’t a hypo. My sugar levels were within range and I wasn’t sure if my body was tired and trying to trick me into stopping or if it was telling me I needed to stop.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how bad that run was and I want to figure out why. I need to be able to figure out when my body is telling me stop because I am tired (which I can push through) or when I need to stop because of my diabetes (which I shouldn’t push through). A continuous glucose monitor would be great but it’s just not affordable right now but I think if I listen to the signals from my body, I’ll be fine.

Right now, I require an extra 30grams of carbohydrates to run 5km and I take off my pump so I have no insulin during this time but there is insulin in my system. I don’t know if this is the best thing to do but it works for me because I seem to be extremely sensitive to insulin when exercising (I reduce my basal to 10% during hikes). At the start of the 10km run my sugar levels were in range and I ate an extra 15grams of carbs after 5km as planned. When I finished my sugar levels were 5.0 but they continued to fall (which is normal for me) so I drank some Lucozade.

I’m pretty sure the terrible feeling was diabetes related. I think it was because my sugar levels were plummeting, even though they were in range. My body knew they were decreasing and was trying to tell me. The aching and feeling “hypo-like” was the same as a continuous glucose monitor showing a big red arrow indicating my sugar levels are going down fast. On the hand, I could be completely wrong.

Do other people get these kinds of signals? And are there other signals I should look out for? Or should I just test more and rely on objective data?