I came across an important petition online today – for airports to introduce a standard policy for insulin pumps. Rachel Humphreys started the petition after getting held up going through Dubai International Airport because she refused to put her son’s insulin pump through the x-ray machine (it could damage the pump). Although most airports are aware of insulin pumps, Rachel Humphreys’ story highlights that not all airports are up to date.

You can sign the petition here and read more about the story.

Luckily I have never experienced anything like this as most airport security officials just nod when I tell them I have an insulin pump in my pocket. However, I do find this story a little disturbing because I frequently travel on my own and being stuck at airport security unable to speak the language would be a scary experience which could ruin a trip. And it should be completely avoidable.

I’m sure these unfortunate incidents have happened many times before and will happen again in the future but signing this petition will help convince airport authorities a standard set of rules on insulin pumps is required.